Because we have a lot of active international members this year, we decided to make a tutorial showing you the most important details of the website.

About Plankenkoorts
Plankenkoorts in a student windsurfing organization and is active in Leiden and Delft. The surf center in Leiden has all the materials needed for new windsurfers, and lessons are provided 3 times a week there. In Delft we have a storage depot for the more advanced windsurfers who have their own materials, and 3 large buses to get the surfers and their gear to the right windsurfing spots.

Every Thursday, starting around 21:00, we all meet at the Kurk in Delft, where we have a few drinks, have fun together and plan the next big windsurfing trip.

The yearly contribution is €85. This includes all windsurfing lessons and the use of the materials in the Leiden surf center.

Does this sound good to you? If it does, you can register by going to the tab “Lid worden” and clicking “Inschrijven” or just click here.

Windsurfing lessons
Windsurfing lessons take place 3 times a week. If you want to participate in a lesson, you can register by clicking the “Surfles??!” button in the upper-right corner of the website. The lessons take place at Valkenburgse Meer in Leiden. You can get there with public transport as follows:

First, take the train to Leiden Centraal. Once there, take bus 43 (Destination Den Haag) and exit at bus stop “Haagse Schouw”. From the bus stop it’s a short walk to VB:

If you’re a more intermediate surfer, and if we know you will use the material and storage center responsibly, it’s possible to borrow a key. If you really want to go often, it’s also possible to get your own copy of the key.

Besides windsurfing, Plankenkoorts also has other fun activities. We try to include an English summary in every news message, so keep your eyes open. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!