What can you do at Plankenkoorts?

Windsurfing! Plankenkoorts (PK) is a windsurfing association situated in Delft and Leiden. PK’s aim is to let members windsurf and wave surf for the least amount of money as possible. To achieve this we have our own three busses, a storage and a windsurf centre. Beside this there are eight wave surf boards for beginners available in Delft. PK also organises windsurf activities, parties and every Thursday evening you can grab a beer with other members of the association at de Kurk in Delft centre.

Busses and Storage

As soon as it gets windy or wavy, it is the highest priority to get to water as soon as possible. This is why Plankenkoorts has three large busses and a windsurf equipment storage right behind the TU Delft Campus. Contact about who goes surfing when is done via the website, then everyone meets at the storage and off you go. As member you store your own windsurfing equipment for just €20,- per year as well as ride with the busses for a cheap price.


The busses are the ideal tripmobiles to go on vacation with. You can sleep in the back, which means you can go on trip cheaply and best of all, you can go often on windsurfing trip! In a year we drive around 100.000 kilometers to France, Denmark and Morocco to name a few. Wherever you want to go!

Windsurf center

For beginners and somewhat advanced windsurfers there is the windsurf center at the Valkenburgse Meer in Leiden. As a member of the association you can take free lessons and make free use of the association’s windsurf equipment. Everything that you need to windsurf is available there! The equipment is modern, new and in good shape; everything you need to learn windsurfing. As a beginner you can test here if you really like windsurfing before you buy your own gear and equipment (which is also cheapest if you buy via Plankenkoorts!).

Events and Activities

Throughout the year Plankenkoorts organizes various events and activities. For example, the ‘battle of the generations’ where old and new members of Plankenkoorts battle each other in a windsurfing game. Besides this you can also drink a beer with other members every Thursday evening at the Kurk in Delft and a few times per year we organize awesome parties!

Become a member?

You can become a member for just €95,- per year. With this you can ride with our busses for a cheap price, freely use our beginner equipment at the windsurf center as well as enjoy our free windsurfing lessons. Click here to sign up. If you have any questions you can mail to the secretary. We hope to see you at PK or on the water!