The windsurfing lessons have begun

Lessons are given every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm till 5pm at the Valkenburgse Meer! 

You can register 3 days in advance for a lesson. Always unsubscribe AT LEAST a day in advance if you cannot attend the lesson, then someone else can still take your place and no instructors will come for nothing. If you cannot attend the lesson due to circumstances you find out on the day of the lesson, please communicate to the instructors that you won't come. 

If you are not available during the lessons, but you can already surf a bit? You can, of course, go surfing yourself outside the times of the scheduled lessons! In addition, it is always fun to chill, have a barbecue or spot surfers at VB. Click here for the VBsurf groupchat. 


About the lessons:

  1. Make sure you are dressed and ready at the starting time of your lesson! 
  2. There are 18 complete sets on the Valkenburgse Meer that can be used. Is something broken? Report it to the Zeta.
  3. You can use the wetsuits and watershoes at VB, as long as you wash them afterwards and hang them back immediately.
  4. During a lesson, students will be prioritized over other registrations for VB.
  5. There is room for 15 people per lesson. 

This season we will start with the PKursus for the first time, a series of five fixed lessons! These classes continue on Saterday afternoons for five weeks. Do you want to be able to sail, turn and steer independently within a few weeks? Then keep an eye on the website for the registration! 


Click here to sign up for the lessons:
Sign up via the Dutch translation webpage for the lessons! 

Windsurfing technique
Check out Technique page to also work on your windsurfskills from home and get maximum result from the lessons! If there is something specific that you want to learn, let your instructors know in the comment when signing up. 

Wave surfing lessons
When the conditions are good enough, we also go wave surfing (unless there is a windsurf lesson planned). We have 5 BIC boards, which can be borrowed. For this sign up at BIC online and also at bus online. There is also a Facebook group here. Check out this document for the basics of wave surfing!



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Feike PK je to

Busindeling woensdag 20 september

biwa | Piraat + Golf

zee | Voortwaarts

09/19/2023 - 22:02


Vanavond wordt er weer een heerlijke vegetarische schaft gekookt op HS :)

De eerste 20 mensen die zich inschrijven kunnen mee-eten! 

ennn misschien start de schaft net iets later dan normaal maar denk wel rond 18:45 :)

09/19/2023 - 10:09
Lotte PK 408


Ik heb een sdm mastvoet gesloopt. Is er iemand die er toevallig nog een heeft en er vanaf wilt?

Let me know!


09/18/2023 - 20:20

Gevorderde lesjes woensdag

Het VB lesje van woensdagmiddag wordt een gevorderde lesje! Kan je al een beetje surfen en wil je leren planeren, voetbanden varen, waterstarten, etc? Schrijf je in! Zet in de beschrijving erbij wat je graag wil leren!

Extra ochtendlesje
Woensdagochtend is er van 9 tot 12 ook een extra gevorderde lesje! Schrijf je in op de site en zet de goede tijden erbij! 

09/18/2023 - 08:11